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To print your shopping list from the Publix website, click the three dots in the upper right of your list, then choose Print.

If you're using the Publix app, tap List, then tap the three dots in the upper right of your list and select Share List. From there, you can either email your list to yourself then print directly from your email inbox, or share to your printer through Bluetooth connection.

No, a Club Publix account is not required for using basic shopping list features like adding/removing items and printing the list. A Club Publix account is required only for advanced and secured features, such as saving multiple lists or sending a list to your email.

If you've added weekly ad items to a list but do not see them on the list, the issue is with the web browser’s cookies, not because you require an account. If you clear your web browser’s history, including cookies, this should reset the shopping list and allow you to build your list again.

Yes. Once you click Print from the Shopping List page, you can change the font size to small, medium, or large.

If the shopping list doesn't print as expected, ensure that the zoom level for your browser is set to 100%. If the zoom is set to a larger or smaller percentage, it will affect how your shopping list prints.

While you can create and save multiple lists, you can't assign lists to a specific store. Your shopping list will always be set for the store you've selected as your store to shop.

Yes, you can change stores and add weekly ad and product catalog items from multiple stores to your shopping list. All weekly ad items on your list display the sale icon next to the item, but only items for your current store will have notes listing the size and valid dates.

The "Picked Up" column is very useful if you use a smartphone or tablet while shopping. Select the checkbox next to each item as you pick it up on your mobile device. The checkmarks are then automatically synced across all your desktop and mobile sites. including the mobile app. If you manage your list from a different device at home, you'll still see the checkmarks next to the items you picked up.

If you're having trouble copying your shopping list, try clearing your internet browser's cookies and cache.