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Plan the perfect birthday party.

We all observe our birthdays in unique ways. It's a chance to celebrate who we are with those closest to us. From custom cakes to birthday dinner recipes and catering options, Publix is your one-stop shop for your party planning needs. Discover all the ways you can make your birthday celebration extra special.

Sweet treats from the Bakery.

Whether you’re celebrating a first birthday or a fiftieth, the Bakery offers a range of custom cakes and desserts for you and your guests to enjoy. You can order online and pick up in-store with a 24-hour notice.

View all the options that the Bakery offers to complete your celebration.

Order ahead

Complete the birthday spread.

Whether you want to add a platter of sub sandwiches to the table or offer a full-service catering menu for your guests, we have a variety of high-quality food and snacks.

Get everything you need to make the celebration special.

Explore all that Publix has to offer to help you plan your party.


Publix Aprons® recipes for your celebration.

Create your own dishes with inspiring Publix Aprons® birthday dinner, snack, and dessert recipes.

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