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We've set purchase limits on key items and cannot issue rain checks right now. We apologize if some advertised items are out of stock, as supplies are limited.

Our management teams will issue rain checks only for items that are advertised outside the store at a reduced retail price—for example, on radio or TV, or in our weekly ad, co-op ad, mailer, or website.

  • We will issue only one rain check per household per day for any one item or deal on promotion.
  • A rain check may be redeemed at any Publix location offering that product.
  • A rain check must be redeemed within 30 days of the issue date.
  • Rain checks will be redeemed only for the retail price of the item in effect when the rain check was issued.
  • We will issue rain checks for up to 8 single items, or for up to 4 deals (not to exceed 20 items.)
  • A rain check must be redeemed for the exact product it was issued for as described on the rain check.
  • Rain checks are intended only for single use. If the full rain check is not redeemed, the remaining items are forfeited.
  • We will not issue rain checks for Publix, competitor, or manufacturer coupons.
  • Rain checks are nontransferable.
  • A rain check may not be redeemed if it is illegible, or is lost, stolen, or destroyed.

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