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Publix is committed to helping you save money. We offer weekly specials, buy one, get one promotions, and accept Publix, manufacturer, and competitor coupons. When you add these together, you can see why customers love to save here. So that all of our customers can benefit from these deals, we reserve the right to limit purchase quantities.

Our guidelines:

  • Acceptance is subject to any restrictions on the coupon.
  • We accept coupons only for identical items we sell.
  • We accept a manufacturer coupon and either a Publix or a competitor coupon on the same item only. Limit two coupons per item.
  • Manufacturer digital offers cannot be combined with manufacturer paper coupons on the purchase of the same item.
  • We do not accept percent-off-item coupons or percent-off-total-order coupons.
  • We do not accept coupons that Publix determines to be printed incorrectly — for example, a coupon missing a size requirement or other standard coupon details.
  • We do not accept coupons presented via mobile phone or device.
  • We do not accept coupons that appear to be copied. All coupons must be originals.
  • For a buy one, get one free (BOGO) offer, each item is considered a separate purchase.
  • We limit coupon redemption to eight of the same coupon per day, per household.
  • Manager approval is needed for individual coupons over $5.
  • Dollars-off-total-order coupons are limited to one Publix and one competitor coupon per day, per household. The total order before coupons must be equal to or greater than the combined purchase requirements indicated on the coupon(s) presented. We consider competitor coupons for dollars-off groups of items to be dollars-off-total-order coupons and will allow one per day, per household.
  • Money due back to the customer at the end of a transaction involving coupons will be provided on a Publix gift card only.

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