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Every day is a perfect occasion for flowers.

A bouquet of flowers can brighten a space and put a big smile on your face. We carry a breathtaking selection of blooms in every hue imaginable. With every new season, you'll find new flowers to inspire you. We offer custom and prearranged bouquets, all bursting with blooms and vase-ready.

If you need help choosing the perfect arrangement or have any questions, one of our Publix associates will be happy to assist you.


Looking for blooms to brighten your mood? You can select a prearranged bouquet or mix and match to create the look you want.

  • Publix Premium Bouquets. With bigger blooms—thanks to 50% more growing room—these premium flowers are artfully arranged, hand-tied by floral experts, and available year-round. Rushed from the field to Publix, they create eye-catching, vase-ready bouquets that are guaranteed to last for seven days. Learn more about Publix Premium Bouquets.
  • Alstroemeria. Also known as "Peruvian lilies" or "Lily of the Incas," alstoemeria are popular for their showy, colorful, and long-lasting blooms.
  • Baby's Breath. Delicate, sweet, and white as a cloud, baby's breath is perfect for showers, spring weddings, and any other occasion requiring a soft touch.
  • Carnations. These classic ruffled ball-shaped focal flowers come in symbolic colors like pink for mother's love, red for admiration, and white for good luck.
  • Fillers. Traditionally, fillers provide a setting for focal flowers, but lately they have been experiencing a moment as understated and unexpected bouquets by themselves.
  • Gerbera Daisies. They're the ultimate fun, cheery flower and available in every color imaginable—perfectly poised to brighten someone's day.
  • Hydrangeas. Big, lush, and available in a variety of blue, purple, white, and pastel colors, hydrangeas lend a soft and lovely touch to any bouquet.
  • Jumbo Mums. Long-lasting and available in lots of bright colors, they're the perfect gift to say get well, warm wishes, or thank you for hosting.
  • Lilies. Our lilies arrive just before blooming, so the magic happens just after you take them home. Set them somewhere they'll be seen and watch them unfold into colorful, brilliant blooms for a gift that keeps giving.
  • Mini Carnations. An adorably petite version of traditional carnations.
  • Mixed Flowers. Sometimes you can't choose just one flower—and you never have to with a mixed flower bouquet.
  • Pom Daisy. Oh-so-cheerful and long-lasting, there's no better way to brighten up a day than with a big bouquet of happy, pretty pom daisies.
  • Roses. Make someone feel the love with this timeless bloom. A single long-stemmed rose is a perfectly romantic gesture, and a dozen is the ultimate way to say, "You're extra special!"
  • Spray Roses. Tiny versions of the beloved rose, these flowers look absolutely gorgeous clustered together in a charming bouquet.
  • Sunflowers. Make a big, bold, sunshine-y statement with sturdy, bright yellow sunflowers.


Home feels homier when it's filled with living things—so add a little green!

  • Orchids. These show-stopping flowers make stunning home or office accents and truly elegant gifts.
  • Pelee Mums. Hearty and happy, these mums are only available in the fall and love a sunny spot—brightening it up even more with their warm, vibrant coloring and pattern.
  • Poinsettias. The ultimate holiday flower, there's absolutely no better way to fill a room with cozy holiday cheer than with brilliant red poinsettias. Also available in elegant ivory.
  • Bulb Plants. Send a friend or loved one a bulb plant to enjoy watching as it blooms.
  • Houseplants. People talk to their plants for a reason. When you nurture a houseplant and watch it thrive, it almost becomes like a friend. That's why we think it's a wonderful gift.
  • Flowering Plants. Perfect for adding a pop of color to front porches, flower beds, kitchen tables, or countertops, flowering plants make a delightful gift for practically anyone.

Sourcing fresh flowers.

The flowers at Publix are sourced from several suppliers and purchased as close to the growers as possible so they arrive from the field to our stores extraordinarily fresh. We receive flower deliveries five to seven days a week—so we're constantly replenishing our bins with new varieties of fresh flowers.


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