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Kick up your nutrition game.

Soccer practice is so much more than a fun time with friends. It’s your child’s opportunity to learn about exercise, nutrition, and good character traits.

We know that being a soccer family means keeping busy, and providing proper nutrition can be a challenge. We’d like to offer some solutions. Whether you want to register your kids with your state’s youth soccer association or you’re looking for recipe ideas—and everything else in between—we’re here to help.

If you’re not yet a soccer parent, register your kids today! When fitness is fun for them, the future will be full of victories.

Associations we sponsor.

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Recipes for soccer kids.

Young soccer players should eat meals containing foods from all food groups. This will give them the nutrients and energy they need to grow and compete. How can you help them stay at the top of their game with the nutrients they need? Here’s a suggestion we think kids will love: Get a game-day nutrition assist with our delicious Asian-Style Turkey and Green Bean Sauté! It can help young athletes by giving them the carbohydrates they need before a soccer match.1 It also provides protein for the growth and repair of muscles.2

These recipes have the ingredients you want to support your soccer player’s active lifestyle. They’re easy to make and they taste great too!

Plato Tip: The key to victory is to eat like a champion.

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2 Gavin, MD, Mary L, ed. Learning About Fats (for Kids). KidsHealth. The Nemours Foundation, May 2022