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Kicking up better choices.

When you see them having fun at practice, you know signing them up was a good decision. And when you think of all the other benefits, you know it was a great one. While your young players are out on the field showing off their skills, they’re also learning positive exercise, nutrition, and character habits. That’s why Publix proudly supports youth soccer.

We know that being a soccer family means keeping busy, and providing proper nutrition can be a challenge. We’d like to offer some solutions. Whether you want to register your kids with your state’s youth soccer association or you’re looking for recipe ideas—and everything else in between—we’re here to help.

If you’re not yet a soccer parent, register your kids today! When fitness is fun for them, the future will be full of victories.


Click on your state’s youth soccer association logo to learn more and register a player.*

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*By clicking these links, you will leave and enter a state soccer association site operated and controlled by the association named in the link.


These recipes have the ingredients you want to support your soccer players’ active lifestyle, and they’re easy to make. Good news for the kids—they taste great too!

Managing added sugar.

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The holiday season brings treats with lots of added sugar. This year, consider incorporating these mindful eating tips to help your family balance the amount of added sugar you consume while also enjoying festive foods.

  1. Look for our Better Choice shelf tags when you shop, especially when picking out dessert, to find items with less added sugar. See if your children can spot these tags too. They might be more interested in eating items they choose.
  2. Bring a better-for-you dessert to the holiday table. Simple baking substitutions can help make it easy to reduce added sugar.
  3. Serve fruit along with dessert. Chances are other loved ones have the same goal as you and will appreciate you for adding balance to the celebration. This also gives your children the opportunity to choose a naturally sweet dessert instead of one with added sugar. 1
  4. Instead of restricting dessert to avoid excessive added sugar intake, make time to sit down and enjoy dessert. Use this time to encourage eating slowly without distractions. When you give your family time to enjoy dessert, all the senses are engaged, and everyone has ample time to become aware of internal cues of fullness. 2

Use these tips to promote mindfulness with other foods as well to keep your family’s healthy lifestyle habits alive this holiday season.


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2 Bjarnadottir, Adda, MS, RDN. Mindful Eating 101 – A Beginner’s Guide. Healthline Media. Published June 19, 2019.