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Spot your wellness icons.

Publix wellness icons can help you make wise choices about the foods you eat. Find them located right on our shelf tags.

better choice
Using the latest scientific research, including the 2020–2025 USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans, Publix registered dietitian nutritionists have compared groups of similar products, like cereal, for example. The green Better Choice shelf tags identify items that have more of the nutrients you need, like fiber, and less of the things you don't need, like saturated fat, or added sodium, or added sugar.
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gluten free
Going gluten free? This icon identifies products that have been declared gluten free on the package by the manufacturer in accordance with FDA regulations.
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Product is made without meat, eggs, honey, dairy, or animal by-products.
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usda organic icon
Leaning more organic? This icon means a product contains 95% or more certified organic ingredients.
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made with at least 70 percent organic ingredients
When you see this icon, you can be sure the product contains 70% or more certified organic ingredients.
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made without
The made without icon leads you to products made without specific preservatives, flavors, and colors; products may contain colors from natural sources.
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Looking for more nutrition information? Check out our tutorial on how to read a label.