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You can bank on easy.

We offer money services at every Publix location! Money orders and transfers provided by Western Union, coin redemption, check cashing, and more are all available right at Customer Service. Why? Because we know how busy life can get sometimes, and we want to save you an extra stop. And what’s easier than getting a check cashed in the same place you get your groceries?

A closer look at our money services.

Money orders.
A money order is a lot like a check, and purchasing a money order at Publix is just like buying anything else. You don’t even need a bank account. This is a service provided by Western Union.*

Money transfers.
This is another service provided by Western Union and is an easy to way to send money electronically. You can send money to friends or family, make payments, or load prepaid cards.*

Coin redemption.
Trade your coins for cash! Our coin sorting machine will count all your coins, and provide you with a receipt to redeem it for cash at the Customer Service counter. *

Check cashing.
Let’s face it: Checks can be annoying. But saving yourself that extra trip to the bank? Easy. That’s why we’ll happily cash your check for you.*

Presto!® ATMs
Access your cash at any of our Presto! ATMs, located outside the vestibule at over 1,200 of our stores. Presto! members enjoy secure, surcharge-free access. Want to know if your financial institution is a member? Find out here.

*Fees may apply. Please see store for details.