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Celebrate Caribbean flair.

We honor the Caribbean's unique cultures, colorful traditions, culinary flair, and diversity in flavors and ingredients. For Caribbean American Heritage Month, we asked members of the Caribbean community to share their favorite traditional dishes and national customs. Watch the video below.

The Caribbean American community.

JennyLee Molina

JennyLee Molina
Founder, 305 Day

“My favorite Cuban staple is arroz y frijoles. Who doesn’t love fluffy white rice with delicious black beans?”

Megan Carol Greaves

Dr. Megan Carol Greaves
UN Ambassador, Human Rights Advocate, Author, and Philanthropist

“It has to be Guyanese cook-up rice. It was inspired by Africans who came to Guyana and settled there. It’s something I always look forward to on New Year’s Eve.”

Danny Manuel Peñalo Domínguez

Danny Manuel Peñalo Domínguez
Owner and Executive Chef of Yarumba Restaurant & Lounge, Miami Gardens, FL

“Sancocho is what reminds me of my childhood. In the Dominican Republic, we normally cook sancocho on Sundays, and that’s a day we get together with family.”

Neki Mohan

Neki Mohan
VP of Multicultural Business & Community Engagement for Visit Lauderdale

“My favorite dish from Trinidad and Tobago is, hands down, roti. We put our own West Indies spin on an Indian staple; it’s delicious.”

Caribbean recipes.

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Celebrate Caribbean flair with us.

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