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Order deli subs from Publix
Publix Deli subs. Where do we begin? If you’ve never had one before, we think you’ll have a delicious time exploring a whole new world.

To be honest, the sheer volume of choices is, well, massive. Hot subs. Cold subs. Cool wraps. Veggie subs. Italian subs. Turkey subs. Other cold cut subs. And we can’t forget the legendary chicken tender sub – we hear it’s a fan favorite deli sub.

All our bread is baked fresh, and we have all the toppings you’d expect from any sub shop. Let’s go through a few of them in more detail.

Our chicken tender sub gives you the best of all worlds. We take deliciously bite-size pieces of our fresh-made chicken tenders (chicken fingers), and fill up a freshly baked roll. We add cheese and any other toppings you want, like Buffalo or BBQ sauce. You can get it as a wrap, too.

Then there’s the famous Italian sub. If a sub can be exciting, this is it. It’s filled with Genoa salami, tavern ham, hot cappy ham, and your favorite blend of cheese and other toppings. We hear that, somehow, this sub is better than the sum of all its individual parts, and we believe it.

And of course we have the classics like turkey subs. Some call them hoagies or pub subs, but whatever you call them, you can’t go wrong with the turkey sub. Choose from one of our delectable sliced turkey options (might we recommend the Boar’s Head?), add your cheese, veggies, mayo or any other sauces and toppings, put it altogether, and you’ve got a winner.

Are you hungry yet? Because we are. Fortunately, a Publix deli sub – a.k.a. Pub sub – makes a great lunch or dinner option. You can always order subs online with Order Ahead. Just customize your sub, select a time, pick it up, and go! It’s that easy.