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lunch at workPulses, such as beans, lentils, and chickpeas, make nutrient-rich, tasty additions to almost any meal. A side of pulses often pairs well with chicken, beef, pork, fish, or other sides and vegetables. But when you think outside the box, pulses can be snacks, appetizers, or even part of a main course.

With a little planning, it’s easy to get the pulses you need to add fiber to your diet. Here are some creative culinary options for keeping your finger on the pulse of pulses.

Pulses for All Courses

Try these Aprons Better Choice recipes to bring pulses into a variety of dishes.

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  • Make the perfect snack or appetizer. Try our Avocado Hummus recipe that includes cannellini beans. Serve it with sliced cucumbers, bell peppers, and carrots.
  • Bring a better hors d’oeuvre to the party. Pinto Bruschetta offers a new spin on traditional bruschetta that includes beans.

Savory Sides

Creative Mains

Look for additional Better Choice recipes that include beans or other pulses. (Please note that green beans are legumes, but not pulses.)

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