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This year, take time to count your blessings and make the season a little easier and more joyful. Instead of trying to do everything, give yourself a break from busy schedules and unnecessary tasks.

Start with our four tips to help manage stress and find balance during the holidays—so you can focus more on your loved ones and less on your to-do list.

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4 Ways to Find Balance

  1. Shop smarter. Grocery delivery and curbside pickup can save you all sorts of time. Powered by Instacart. It’s your gift to yourself.
    • Have your groceries delivered right to your door or to your car in our parking lot.*
    • Try in-store pickup. Order online and select a time. Your items will be ready when you are.
    • *Prices vary from in-store. Fees, tips & taxes may apply. Subject to terms & availability.

  2. Plan ahead. Don’t try to do it all solo. Start early and delegate holiday tasks to family members and friends—including us.
    • Our Gather + Share guide can help you plan a special spread. Choose from our beautiful and delicious platters featuring meats and cheeses, salads, fruits, seafood, and more.
    • No time to make those homemade treats? Pick up our mouthwatering Bakery cookies, cakes, and brownies. Preorder our dessert platters or create one that showcases your favorites. (Please order platters at least 24 hours in advance.)

  3. Simplify giving. Get all your holiday shopping completed at Publix. One and done!
    • Make it the year of the gift card. From home improvement and clothing to restaurants and gas, there’s something for every person on your list. And who doesn’t love a Publix gift card? Gift cards are easy to give—and your recipients get exactly what they want.
    • If you want to get creative, try these gift ideas for the wellness-minded with items you can pick up at our stores.

  4. Keep healthy habits. Just because it’s the holiday season doesn’t mean you have to abandon wise wellness choices.
    • This wonderful time of the year is filled with food and drinks, but it is possible to stay on track with your nutrition goals while having fun. Try these tips.
    • Keep balanced meals for your family on your list. Opt for quick and easy comfort recipes such as our Indian-Spiced Squash and Chicken Bowl. Or try our one-pan Cowboy Chicken and Rice, featuring precooked brown rice, frozen spinach, and canned beans.
    • Not much time to cook? Our Better Choice Publix Aprons® Ready to Cook Meal Kits are great to have on hand. You can always turn to our 5 Fast & Smart Meals.
    • Getting plenty of sleep is essential to your health. While the holidays may tempt you to forgo sleep, it’s important to stay consistent. Here are some pointers.
    • Regular exercise may help ease your stress, so make it a priority. Even a short walk can clear your head.1

For the Love of You

Choosing how you eat is uniquely personal. It’s about your needs, your preferences, and your goals. As your wellness ally, we’re in your corner with fresh ideas, recipes, and wellness icons that make it easier to shift toward wiser food choices. It’s all about you, at your very best.


1 Mayo Clinic. Depression and Anxiety: Exercise Eases Symptoms. Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research (MFMER). September 27, 2017.