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Life feels a little easier when you can get what you need and you only have to make one stop.

Household Cleaning and Laundry

Convenient wipes and all-purpose cleaners for touching things up. Disinfectants and heavy-duty cleaners for deep cleaning. Plus an assortment of environmentally-conscious products. We have them all here, ready to add to your cart.

Our laundry aisle is full of all the brand name liquids, powders, sheets, and pods you trust to keep your clothes clean and fresh. Explore our variety of everyday and premium brands so you can check laundry off your shopping and to-do lists.

Household Paper and Plastic

Keeping necessities on hand is important. It's so inconvenient to run out of bath or facial tissue or paper towels. And life is easier still when you've stocked up on paper and plastic tableware—and trash bags. Make it easy on yourself—pick up everything from food storage bags and wraps to plastic cups while you get all the goodies that go in them.

Greeting Cards, Gift Bags, and Gift Wrap

There's always time to be thoughtful, especially when it's easy to pick up a card or two with your groceries at Publix. Choose from a colorful array for every occasion and budget. And get wrapping paper, tissue, and gift bags you need, too.

Books, Magazines, and Media

Picking up pizza and popcorn for movie night at home? Get a recent kids' favorite or the latest thriller on DVD. Or make the most of a quiet weekend with a good book to go along with your favorite snacks. Our selection includes the latest titles and popular bestsellers, all easy to grab with your groceries.

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