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While you're picking up your groceries, you can pick up the other things you need to keep your household in order.

Household Solutions

Your flashlight needs batteries. Come to think of it, so does your TV remote. And the air filter needs changing. From picture hooks to light bulbs, get what you need with your groceries and get on with all you have to do.

Kitchen Goods

Toasters and can openers to use every day. Baking dishes of all sizes and shapes. Melon ballers and colorful glasses you need for this weekend’s birthday bash. From everyday appliances to tableware for entertaining, we have a wide variety of the things you need to keep life running smoothly at your place.

Outdoor Gear

Planning some fun outdoors? While you’re picking up your drinks and subs, grab accessories that make the outdoors more enjoyable. Coolers for cold drinks. And all the grill accessories you need for barbecues and cookouts. Even automotive products for those honey-do weekends, too.

Reusable Bags

Because of our combined efforts to replace disposable grocery sacks with reusable bags, Publix and our customers have reduced the use of paper and plastic bags by more than one million per day, and more than forty million per month since 2007—a great achievement for the environment.

You can purchase Publix reusable bags at any Publix store. Keep them in the trunk of your car or tied to your bicycle and use them for more than just groceries. They're more spacious than a disposable bag, so you'll save trips unloading. Publix reusable bags are made from recycled materials. If they wear out, you can recycle them again. This collective small effort adds up to make a big impact.

Publix has a long history of reusable bags. We've sold them for over 20 years, beginning with cotton cloth bags. Today, we've amped-up efforts to get customers on board with making this eco-friendly and economical switch. And since product safety is one of our top priorities, we only provide reusable bags that meet or exceed all government safety standards.

Helpful tip: Clean your bag regularly. It'll last longer.

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