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Dig in for a limited time.

Summer is here! What better way to cool off than by strolling to the Publix freezers to explore the latest batch of our limited-edition ice cream flavors? There’s something for everyone, so grab a carton or two (or eight) and enjoy these unique tastes before they’re gone.

Not Your Average Mint

Chocolate peppermint ice cream swirled with chocolate cookie crumbles and mint pieces.


Marry Me Strawberry

Strawberry ice cream with ribbons of strawberry-flavored sauce, studded with pieces of white chocolate-flavored strawberry pecan bark.


Black Swamp Raspberry Cheesecake®

Raspberry cheesecake-flavored ice cream swirled with Mackinac chocolatey graham crust and raspberry-filled chocolatey cups sprinkled throughout.


Buckeyes® & Fudge

Peanut butter ice cream loaded with chocolatey-covered peanut butter buckeye candies and swirls of thick fudge.


Caramel Coast Getaway

Caramel-flavored ice cream with thick swirls of sea salt caramel and caramel mini cups throughout.


Piña Colada

Coconut-flavored ice cream with pineapple-flavored pieces throughout.


Hazelnut Amaretto Biscotti

Rich chocolate hazelnut-flavored ice cream swirled with amaretto-flavored cookie crumbles and dark chocolate flakes.


Southern Banana Pudding

French custard ice cream with swirls of creamy banana sauce and bits of vanilla wafers.