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In 1940, people traveled for miles to see the first Publix supermarket and its amazing new innovations—including open dairy cases. Today, Publix continues to hold those dairy cases to meticulous standards.

The Publix Dairy

Farm-fresh milk, cheeses, butter, and sour cream wait to be taken home and enjoyed. Fun and wholesome snacks that fit a busy lifestyle are there for the taking. Choose from a variety of traditional and organic brands, including our Publix brand which guarantees the best quality ingredients and taste, because milk and other products from our own dairies are held to higher standards.

Introducing Publix Premium Greek Yogurt

Your favorite protein-packed power food. The Publix Brand taste and value you love. Publix Premium Greek Yogurt is authentic Greek yogurt (not Greek "style"), prepared with traditional straining methods so it's creamy and delicious. And since ours is 0% fat, it's a guilt-free snack, too. Choose from more than eight varieties with real fruit mix-ins, like blueberry, cherry pomegranate, or pineapple.

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