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Book-Themed Photo Backdrop and Textbook Cake Stand

How to make this Book-Themed Photo Backdrop and Textbook Cake Stand

Book-Themed Photo Backdrop

Difficulty: Moderate; 2 adults recommended
Time Required: Approximately 2 hours
Note: We used 60 hardcover books to create a total of 6 columns of books, with 10 books in each column (see image). The backdrop we created was approximately 10' tall, but can be adjusted to fit your space/needs.


  • up to 60 books (of the same size)
  • up to 6 packs kitchen twine
  • up to 26 packs damage-free adhesive hooks
  • removable blue mounting putty
  • 1 4'-wide roll black paper
  • white paint pen
  • damage-free hanging strips
  • removable wall mounting
  • removable glue dots
  • 6' ladder

Directions - Celebration Message Banner

celebration banner
step 2 celebration banner
  1. Cut black paper to match the length of your book backdrop. Using white paint pen, write your celebration message at the top of the paper.
  2. Use damage-free hanging strips to attach the paper to the center of your wall space. Your book columns will hang on either side.

Directions - Book Wall Backdrop

book hooks
lady securing books
  1. Creating the book columns
    1. Measure and cut twine into 18"–20" pieces (you will use two per book).
    2. Take one piece of string and open one book.
    3. Hold one end of the string with about 3"–4" of slack off the edge of the book. Wrap the long end of the string around the front cover and a few pages (all together), and tie a knot at the top edge of the cover. Then tie off the bottom onto itself, so that you end up with 3"–4" of free string at both the top and the bottom. You will need these loose ends to tie the books together in the upcoming steps.
    4. Repeat on the back cover and set finished books aside.
    5. Once you have your desired number of books with each side tied off, lay them on the floor or table in the order they will hang on the wall—bottom edge of one book to the top edge of the next book (string to string).
    6. Tie the loose ends from the bottom of the first book to the loose end from the top of the second book. Use a simple knot to tie together as tightly as possibly, leaving minimal to no space between the two books. In essence, you are building a ladder with the books as the rungs and the string as the rails. The key is to keep the knots tied closely together.
    7. Keep tying the books onto each other until you have your desired length. Lay flat and open. Tie a small loop from the loose ends of each top string. These two loops will hang on their own hooks on the wall.
  2. Hanging the book columns
    1. Once your celebration message banner is in place, it’s time to hang the book columns on each side. Measure the space between the loops at the top of your book columns to determine where to place the damage-free hooks on the wall.
    2. Once the first two hooks are in place, put your fingers in the two loops and gently lift the column up, gliding it along the wall as much as possible for stability. Place the loops on the hooks.
    3. Adjust the books within the strings, if needed, to straighten appearance.
    4. Repeat this process with all of the book columns (three on each side of celebration banner), measuring from each previous column as it is hung.
  3. Final adjustments
    1. For added support, we placed a hook at the underside of a book halfway down each book column.
    2. Trim or tuck any loose pieces of string. The loose pieces after tying the books together are best hidden by tucking them under/into the string wrap. The tension while hanging holds them in place. You can also tuck or tie them back onto the string wrap prior to hanging.
    3. Once the “ladders” are hung, use the removable wall mounting tabs to tack down a page and cover the strings on either side.
    4. Use the blue removable mounting putty and extra hanging strips to help stabilize any books that are hanging off the wall.

Tip: Tie off the books to create the columns ahead of time; have a book-tying pre-party and recruit your friends and family to help! Just make sure everyone is tying with the same level of tautness.

Textbook Cake Stand

Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: A few minutes


  • 3 large textbooks (assorted sizes)
  • Publix brown paper shopping bags (1 per book)
  • scissors


book being wrapped
textbook cake stand
  1. Cut down the center of a brown paper shopping bag. Remove the flap formed by the bottom of the bag so that you have one large sheet of brown paper.
  2. Place a book at the center of the paper. Make a crease along the top and bottom of the book. Place book on top of these folds. (This should be the exact size to cover your book cover from top to bottom.)
  3. Fold the paper across the front inside cover from left to right. Repeat for back cover from right to left. Cut off any excess length from these flaps, leaving about 4" to tuck the book covers into.
  4. Wrap the cover around the book and tuck each side of the cover into the envelope-like flaps.
  5. Stack your covered books on the table. Top with cake stand or cupcakes for a unique dessert display.