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Things you can do next time you check out

We’re all looking out for each other, especially when we are running those necessary errands like grocery shopping. Here are a few tips for your next checkout.

Check out touch-free.

We welcome a wide variety of contactless cards and mobile pay apps. Or pay with the Publix app for touch-free checkout and even more benefits. Learn more about contactless payments in our FAQs.

Get e-receipts.

No paper receipt means one less thing for you to touch. When you join Club Publix and pay with the Publix app, you can opt in to e-receipts, enjoy touch-free checkout, digital coupons, and other Club Publix perks.

Stay updated about face coverings and social distancing.

As of May 15, because of recently updated CDC guidelines, we no longer require fully vaccinated customers or associates to wear face coverings unless required by a state or local order or ordinance. Face coverings are required for those not fully vaccinated. Customers and associates should remain physically distanced from others while inside any Publix store. Learn more about measures we've put in place to help protect our associates and customers.

Get in the habit: Clean your bags after every trip.

We’re all being more cautious these days, but it’s always been important to take good care of the bags you use to carry your food. Learn how to properly use, store, and clean your reusable bags.

Think of others.

Buy only what you need this week so your friends and neighbors can do the same.