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Pride is our secret ingredient.

Taste it in every bite of our freshly baked pies, New York-style cheesecakes, decadent bar cakes, handcrafted cookies, or fruit-filled tarts.

  • Pies: National award-winners baked fresh daily with quality ingredients.
  • Mini Pies: Our Mini Key Lime Pie and Mini Mango Key Lime Pie are made daily.
  • Small Meringue Pies: Delicious small pies, available in three flavors: Coconut Meringue, Chocolate Meringue, and Lemon Meringue.
  • Cheesecakes: Dense, rich filling for a big taste inspired by the Big Apple.
  • Bar Cakes: Rich, moist, and made with quality ingredients that continue to raise the “bar.”
  • Cookies: Traditional recipes baked fresh for that warm, homemade taste.
  • Tarts: Prepared in-store with fresh fruit, real sugar, and real European-style cream filling.

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