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When time is short, go for one of these quick and easy snack ideas!

1. Veggie-Packed Pita

Fill a whole wheat pita pocket with a little hummus, a few slices of avocado, sliced tomato, a piece of cheese, and lettuce.

2. Turkey & Cheese Roll-Ups

Spread a little honey mustard on a slice of Publix Deli turkey. Place a piece of low-fat mozzarella string cheese on one end of the turkey and roll up.

3. Ants on a Log

This childhood favorite is good for nursing moms, too! Spread your favorite nut butter on pieces of celery and top with raisins.

4. Banana Blast Smoothie

Combine low-fat milk with frozen banana slices, ice, a little ground flax, and a spoonful of peanut butter; blend until smooth and creamy. Try adding some unsweetened cocoa powder for a chocolate twist!

5. Purely Nutty Granola

Stir walnuts and flaxseed into your favorite granola cereal for extra crunch, and serve over low-fat Greek yogurt.

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