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For all the moms and dads who've wished for more hours in a day: We have your back. Try these targeted time-savers on for speed:

1. Buy for the bake sale.

After all, there's no rule saying you have to be the one who baked it. The Publix Bakery has plenty of sweet options, including pies, cookies, and donuts. Some can even be ordered ahead of time online at

2. Use your freezer wisely.

Your future self, with mere minutes to get dinner on the table, will love your current self for stocking the freezer with a few fast frozen meals. Have a "make-and-freeze" day; double recipes whenever you can (eat one, freeze one), or grab some frozen, ready-to-cook options from Publix, such as tortellini and garlic bread, skillet meals, or seafood entrées.

3. Give your kids a job.

It doesn't just help you out; it lets your children learn responsibility and life skills, too. Even preschoolers can wipe lower cabinet doors, help set the table, and put away their toys. Let them choose their own task, swap jobs weekly, or pick a daily duty from a job jar—whatever works best in your household.

4. Clean an hour at a time.

It's less overwhelming than tackling your entire home at once, and you'll reclaim whatever time you usually reserve for cleaning. The trick is to make it a once- or twice-weekly habit. Set the timer and focus on one room or task. When you hear the ding, you're done.

5. Throw weeknight potluck playdates.

You'll connect with those friends you've been meaning to see and have a weeknight meal covered, too. Your contribution can be as simple as a shrimp ring, sandwich platter, or party-sized salad, picked up or ordered online ahead of time at the Publix Deli.

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