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Stonyfield Organic Yogurt, Whole Milk, Organic, Plain, Greek
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Product details We started Stonyfield nearly 4 decades ago to produce foods that are better for children, families, family farmers & their cows, and the planet. Today. I’m proud to say we're more committed to that mission than ever. - Gary. Good on purpose. Say no to harmful pesticides. Say yes to high quality ingredients, thriving organic farms, and a healthier planet. No toxic persistent pesticides (organic standards prohibit the use of pesticides that are harmful to human health and the environment). Live active cultures. Pasture raised. Certified B Corporation.
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Made it better with yogurt. Use a dollop of yogurt in place of sour cream on your favorite dishes to save calories. Mix with your favorite herbs & spices for a tenderizing marinade. Slowly stir into soups for added creaminess. Swap for mayonnaise in chicken, potato, or pasta salad for a delicious tang with fewer calories. Keep refrigerated.