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Spice Islands Cayenne Pepper
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Product details This fiery seasoning is made from the dried pods of pungent chili peppers. Use Spice Islands Cayenne to add bold flavor to salsa, guacamole, casseroles and soups. Chile peppers are grown across the world, on every continent. But the amount of heat they have depends on the variety of pepper and the climate they’re grown in. We source our cayenne pepper from India, where the climate gives the chiles a rich flavor and a strong heat. This in turn gives our Spice Islands cayenne pepper a bold, pungent flavor that leaves a pleasantly biting heat on your tongue. Dishes containing chile peppers often get hotter as the flavors blend, so make sure you spice up your recipes in moderation.
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Use Spice Islands Cayenne Pepper to add bold flavor to salsa, guacamole, ethnic dishes, and soups. For ultimate freshness, keep jar closed and away from heat, light, and moisture.