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Publix Gloves, Latex, Regular, Large
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Product details Sizes 8 and up. Protects your hands. Soft flock lining. Your hands are your home's workhorses - washing, wiping, and scrubbing or painting, staining, and scraping. So whether you're tackling regular weekly chores or a major cleaning project, protect them with Publix Latex Gloves. Lightweight, yet durable, with a natural contour fit, you're sure to find the perfect gloves for every task. Keep a couple of varieties handy for everything from coloring your hair to cleaning the oven. And care for your hands while you take care of your household. Anti-Slip Grip: A sink full of soapy water, bare hands, and a few glasses can be a recipe for disaster. Thanks to the textured palms and fingers of Publix Latex Gloves, Sensitive Skin, and Supreme Latex Gloves, you can confidently wash dishes, scrub tile, and handle just about any tough chore at your house. Our gloves provide a surer grip on wet, slippery dishes, sponges, buckets, and more. So you can concentrate on cleaning up, safely. Flexibility: Our gloves provide hand protection with maximum flexibility so you can easily pick up straight pins, spare change, and other small stuff that gets caught in the vacuum cleaner, rolls out from under the bed, or otherwise turns up on your floors or countertops. Pick up loose change in the living room, pens from behind the washer, or just separate sticky plates in the sink with ease, thanks to Publix Latex Gloves. Lining: Publix Latex Gloves and Supreme Latex Gloves are lined with flocking for extra strength and comfort. Our Sensitive Skin Gloves are specially treated to protect against skin rashes and irritations. Apply your favorite hand lotion liberally to hands before putting gloves on and soothe your hands while you work. Publix Guarantee: Complete satisfaction or your money back. Product of Malaysia.


Caution: This product contains natural rubber latex. Natural rubber latex may cause an allergic reaction in some individuals. If a reaction occurs, discontinue use and seek medical advice.

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