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Publix Deli Ultimate Sub
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Product details To make our Publix Ultimate Sub, we don't just use one type of meat—we use three. We stack layers of Publix Tavern Ham, Oven-Roasted Turkey Breast, and Top Round Roast Beef, add provolone or your choice of cheese, and top it with your favorite veggies, like lettuce and tomatoes. And it all starts with a fresh-baked sub roll.

Sub rolls baked fresh in-store.
By baking our sub rolls fresh every day, we can ensure they have the right texture and crust to support all the fillings inside.

The right meats.
Part of what makes the Publix Ultimate Sub so delicious is our choice of meats. We meticulously marinate our tavern ham for a mellow, sweet flavor; slow roast our top round roast beef with an exclusive spice blend; and slow roast our turkey breast so it's tender and satisfying. The result? Rich, robust flavors in every bite.

A wide assortment of veggies and condiments.
Add crunch and texture to your Publix Ultimate Sub with our variety of vegetables. We'll make it the classic way with crisp lettuce and juicy tomatoes or top it with your favorites. Give your sub an extra layer of perfection with your choice of condiments. Intensify the flavors with our bold sauces or try some of our cool, creamy dressings.

Add a side.
Enjoy your sub with a bag of chips or a Publix Grab & Go salad. Choose a fountain drink or a bottle of our sweet tea.

Order online to pick up your Publix Ultimate Sub in-store.
It’s so easy—just follow the prompts and choose from our menu options to customize your sub. Our associates will make it fresh for you. Just come by the store when it’s convenient for you and pick it up.
Tavern Ham, Turkey Breast, and Top Round Roast Beef