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Publix Chicken Tender Sub
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Product details Treat yourself to the irresistible flavors of our famous Publix Chicken Tender Sub. Packed with delicious ingredients, this sub has everything you could ask for: double hand-breaded chicken tenders, your choice of cheese, crisp veggies, and a variety of condiments that are perfectly assembled on a fresh-baked sub roll. To make one of the most beloved chicken tender subs around, we pay attention to every detail.

Fresh-baked sub rolls.
When we say our sub rolls are baked fresh, we mean it. We bake them every day in our ovens located in the Bakery. In fact, you might even catch a whiff of the rolls baking when you walk into the store. And they taste as good as they smell. Our sub rolls are soft on the inside and have a flaky crust perfect for supporting all your favorite fillings.

Perfectly breaded chicken tenders.
We like to think the reason our chicken tenders are so popular is because of the little things we do to make them taste great. We hand-bread them not once but twice to make sure each chicken tender is completely coated in our signature breading mixture. Then we deep fry them to a golden brown so they’re always crunchy on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside.

The right cheeses.
To truly enjoy the flavors of a Publix Chicken Tender Sub, it's important to choose the right cheese. That’s why we offer you different options so you can pick the cheese that best suits your taste. We recommend provolone cheese because of its subtle flavor and smooth texture, but we will happily add the cheese of your choice.

Tasty vegetables.
Adding vegetables is a great way to enhance the flavor of your Publix Chicken Tender Sub. The right mix can increase the crispiness, add a little zest, or spice it up. We suggest topping it with lettuce and tomatoes, but we are happy to add your favorites.

A wide selection of condiments.
No sub would be complete without condiments, and we have a variety for you to choose from. Personalize your sub with classic choices like mustard and mayo, make it tangy with our bolder sauces, or brighten the flavors with our Lemon Garlic Aioli.

Customize it like a pro.
Looking for ideas on how to elevate your chicken tender sub? Here’s a pro tip from our experts: Increase the crunch factor by adding pickles and onions. These small additions give your sub extra texture and a tangy flavor that you will love.

Make it a meal.
Accompany your sub with a bag of chips, a Publix Grab & Go salad, or a comforting cup of Publix soup. Enjoy it with a refreshing beverage like our sweet tea or old-fashioned lemonade.

How to order your Publix Chicken Tender Sub.
Select from the wide variety of menu options here to place your order for in-store pickup. Our friendly, helpful associates will gladly make it fresh and have it wrapped and ready for you.
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