Plackers Flossers, Fruit Smoothie Swirl

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Reduced tooth decay & promotes healthier gums.Removes plaque & food. Dual grip for different ages. Hi-tech Floss with Fluoride: Cleans more tooth surface with each flossing motion (Compared to monofilament flosses). Angled head to easily reach all teeth. Dual grip handle for kids of different ages. With fluoride. BPA free. Rely on Plackers for all your flossing needs: Micro mint freshens breath; Gentleslide for tight teeth; Twin-line for advanced cleaning; Tri-line for superior cleaning; Right angle for easy flossing. Orthopick for braces. Questions: Visit Our Website: Learn which flosser is right for you and sign up for special offers! Made in China.


Caution: This product is not a toy. Adult supervision recommended under age 10. Not intended for children under 4 years.


Directions for Flossing: Hold flosser between fingers. Gently guide floss between your teeth. Floss in gentle back and forth, up and down motion alongside each tooth. Discard after use.