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GreenWise Vegetable Broth, Organic
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Product details Organic ingredients. Big flavor. From the carrots to the celery, onion, and black pepper, organic is the name of the game here. Our vegetable broth is perfect for making quick and delicious meals.
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Shake well before opening. Use in your favorite recipe or serve as a hot beverage. Serving Suggestions: Substitute an equal amount for chicken broth. Add flavor to rice or grains by replacing water with broth. Use in recipes for soups, side dishes, and pasta dishes. Enhance slow cooker and multicooker meals. Freeze unused broth in ice cube trays, then place in freezer bag for future use. Store unopened carton at room temperature. After opening, store in a separate container and refrigerate. Must be refrigerated promptly after each use or product will spoil use within 14 days after opening. Recommend use-by date on carton.