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Bridal Delight and the Dashing Groom

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What’s a wedding day without matching bride and groom cakes? Combine our Bridal Delight and Dashing Groom cakes for an adorable and decadent vanilla and chocolate duo. You can even switch up the colors to match your own! Each cake serves 25–35 guests, not including the top tiers. Bridal Delight is iced in buttercream and decorated in fondant, and measures 10 and 6 inches. It includes string pearls (38086). The Dashing Groom cake is iced in chocolate fudge and decorated in white and chocolate fondant, and measures 10 and 6 inches. It includes a chocolate-colored ribbon (39613).

Our cakes can be customized to accommodate the number of guests you need to serve. We can add or remove tiers or adjust sizes. Our decorators will be happy to adapt our designs to create the wedding cake of your dreams. Please place your order with the Publix Bakery at least four (4) weeks in advance to allow time to procure your favorite ornament along with any other special requirements for the cake of your dreams.

See our Wedding and Special Occasions section for additional information, tips for selecting the perfect cake, our wide selection of available icing colors, and information about how to place an order.