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Boar's Head® Italian Sub
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Product details Treat yourself to the bold flavors of our Boar’s Head® Italian Sub. It’s made with premium meats and cheeses from Boar's Head® and your choice of toppings, like crisp veggies, along with the perfect combination of condiments carefully assembled on a fresh Publix Bakery sub roll. Delicious ingredients are only the beginning. To us, making a great Italian sub means paying attention to every detail.

Sub rolls baked fresh daily.
At Publix, we believe it’s the little things that make our products taste great. That’s why we bake our sub rolls fresh in-store every day right in our Bakery ovens. No ordinary bread will do for our subs. They are soft on the inside with just the right amount of crust on the outside to support all the delicious fillings.

Premium meats from Boar's Head®.
Using high-quality meats like Boar’s Head® products is key to making the perfect Italian sub. We meticulously assemble layers of Boar's Head® Genoa Salami, a hand-crafted blend of pork with peppercorns; naturally smoked Boar's Head® Tavern Ham; and Boar's Head® Cappy Ham, which is hand-coated with natural spices and paprika. Together, these meats create a rich, robust flavor you’ll savor with every bite.

Your choice of cheese.
To stay true to the full-bodied flavors of the Boar’s Head® Italian Sub, choosing the right cheese is essential. Cheese adds an indulgent creaminess that complements the flavors and textures of the meats in the sub. For this sub, we suggest Boar’s Head® Provolone Cheese because of its mild and slightly sweet flavor, but our friendly associates will gladly add your favorite type.

A wide assortment of veggies.
Adding vegetables picked at the peak of ripeness adds texture, zest, and depending on your choice, even a little spice to your experience. This sub comes with lettuce and tomatoes, but you can select your favorite toppings from our wide assortment.

Tips from Publix sub pros.
The Boar’s Head® Italian Sub is great cold, but it’s delightful when it’s toasted, too. All the flavors of the meats and cheese meld together to create a warm, decadent comfort food that you’ll want all to yourself.

Add a side.
With all those layers of meats and cheese, our Boar’s Head® Italian Sub can be a meal by itself, but if you're feeling especially hungry, you can pair it with a side. Make it a combo meal by adding a bag of chips and a refreshing fountain drink.

Order online for in-store pickup.
Ordering your Boar’s Head® Italian Sub is easy with our convenient process. Just select from the menu options and place your order to pick up in-store. Our helpful, friendly associates will make it fresh and have it ready for you to pick up in-store.
Genoa Salami, Tavern Ham, Hot Cappy Ham, Choice of Cheese and Salad Toppings