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Sure to make you grin.

Jack-o’-lanterns are a Halloween tradition in many homes, and it seems that carvers get more creative every year. If you want to put your own unique twist on this classic decoration, read on! We’ll show you how to turn a simple glass jar into a vase using paint, markers, and your own creativity.


  • Empty spaghetti sauce or mason jars, washed thoroughly
  • Chalkboard paint (tinted white) or glass primer of your choice
  • Foam paintbrushes
  • Matte house paint or acrylic craft paint in color(s) of your choice (suggestions include orange for a pumpkin, white for a ghost, or green for a monster)
  • Black permanent marker
  • Craft paintbrushes
  • Ribbon or burlap string as an additional decoration (optional)
  • Scissors or floral shears (for trimming bouquet stems)
  • Publix Premium bouquet


jar-o-lantern step 1
jar-o-lantern step 2
  1. Prime the outsides of the jars with chalkboard paint or glass primer, and let dry according to manufacturer instructions.

  2. With a foam brush, apply base coat of house paint or acrylic craft paint and let dry per manufacturer instructions. Repeat process to achieve desired coverage; allow to dry between coats.
jar-o-lantern step 3
  1. Draw your design with the black permanent marker.
  2. Add details using craft paint brushes and house paint or acrylic craft paint.
  1. Apply additional decorations, such as a ribbon or burlap string tied around the rims of the jars. (If working with children, consider using decorations they can apply, such as stick-on googly-eyes.)
  2. Fill the jars about one-third to half full with water.
  3. Using scissors or floral shears, trim your bouquet as needed, distribute blooms evenly among the jars, and arrange as desired.