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Double up on your good times.

It’s the perfect beverage for the “adults only” party guest with personality—maybe even two personalities. There’s a science to layering the beers that will definitely impress, but don’t worry—we’ll show you what to do in just a few steps.

Total Time - 5 minutes
Servings - 1


  • 8 oz Oktoberfest (or pumpkin ale)
  • 8 oz stout


Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde step 1
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde step 2
  1. Pour Oktoberfest (or pumpkin ale) into pint glass (it should fill the glass to just above the halfway point).

  2. Position the head of a spoon over the glass facing downward, touching the foam head. Carefully pour the stout so that it runs slowly over the back of the spoon and into the glass. Serve.
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyden step 3


In step 1, pour the Oktoberfest or pumpkin ale slightly quicker than usual to create a thicker head, which will encourage the stout to float on top more easily. Remember, even a slight variation in the height of the head or the speed at which the stout is poured can affect your results. Practice before guests arrive if you want to put your best face forward!