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Haitian pride.

We celebrate our Haitian community's rich cultural heritage and culinary traditions. We asked Haitian Publix associates to share their pride and their favorite traditional dishes with us. See their responses below.

Our Haitian community.

Herold Gauthie

Herold Gauthier

“I was born in Port-au-Prince, like my mother. My father is from Léogâne. I only came to the States after I finished high school in Haiti.

I am proud to be Haitian because it is a country where everyone loves each other. A country where everyone helps one and another. If you are sick, people will give a helping hand. There is a sense of unity.

To be Haitian, for me, is to live for one and another.”

Vanessa St. Croix

Vanessa St. Croix
Produce Clerk

“I was born in Haiti, my parents are from Au Cap, but I grew up here. As a Haitian woman, we learn to be tough. We're not like, I guess, the housewife type of women. It's more like get up and go, go, go. That's what I was taught growing up. To take care of yourself because nobody's going to take care of you like you take care of you.

And that forms part of what makes me proud of being Haitian. We are a nation of togetherness. We're very strong, strong-willed, and very independent, but at the core we’re all united. It’s like our food—we mix a lot of things together, each distinctly spicy, but then you taste this unique overall flavor and you go, ‘Yes, that’s Haitian.’”

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