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Keep making history

This Black History Month, we’re shining a light on a conversation between three chefs who share a single mission: to pave a path forward. They talk about food, representation, opportunities, and the future. Watch their conversation to celebrate a history of inspiration and a future of aspiration.

Pathways to Excellence

We celebrate the leaders who lift as they climb. The trailblazers who inspire the next generation. And the chefs who honor the past in the present.


*Videos filmed before COVID-19.

Meet the Chefs

Chef G. Garvin (left) is a James Beard Award-nominated chef as well as a cookbook author, television host, and the executive chef of LowCountry Restaurants in Atlanta

Chef Erika Council is the food writer, recipe developer, and photographer behind her popular blog, Southern Soufflé, and the owner of Atlanta’s beloved Bomb Biscuits pop-up.

Chef Joe Randall (right) is a legendary Southern chef, cookbook author, and founder of Chef Joe Randall’s Cooking School (now the African American Chefs Hall of Fame) in Savannah. You can call him the Dean of Southern Cuisine.

Inspired Recipes for Black History Month

Enjoy these Publix Aprons® recipes inspired by the rich traditions and culinary heritage we celebrate as part of Black History Month.