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Publix GreenWise Market
Publix GreenWise Market Stores
Publix GreenWise Market

About Publix GreenWise Market Stores

Many people today are looking for more natural and organic choices. They want to avoid foods raised with pesticides and chemicals, hormones and antibiotics. They're looking for groceries that are less processed and more pure. It was to meet these needs that we decided to open our Publix GreenWise Market stores.

They offer more than a wide array of organic and all-natural items, however. We wanted to offer a truly enjoyable experience, full of conveniences and exciting products and flavors. That's why we included a Prepared Foods section with freshly made international cuisine; curbside pickup for those prepared foods (select locations); and event planning and cooking demonstrations. It's why you'll find so many artisan cheeses, fine wines, and desserts here.

To let you find everything in one store, we included your favorite brands. But to make it easy to shop for items that are organic, made with organic ingredients, or all-natural, we gave them special brown shelf tags.

We wanted to ensure that you'd get answers and assistance, so we staffed the store with well-trained, knowledgeable associates. We wanted to offer the opportunity to simply relax, so we provided a Café with coffees and smoothies, a mezzanine with seating and a wi-fi network. And of course, we wanted to give you everything you love about Publix, like the quick checkout and complimentary carryout service.

Come visit, and you'll know just what we were thinking.

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