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GreenWise December 2003
Publix GreenWise Market Magazine
Publix GreenWise Market

GreenWise - December 2003

More than Just Tea
The Story Behind Traditional Medicinals

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Tea Bag In 1974, the public's interest in herbal medicines was just emerging. Drake Sadler and his then-wife, herbalist Rosemary Gladstar, opened a small herb shop in a woodsy northern California community. Gladstar not only managed the store, but she also developed herbal tea formulas to help customers deal with numerous medical conditions. Word spread about how well these teas worked. "People started coming from quite a distance," remembers Sadler. "They would ask specifically for Rosemary's laxative formula or her sore throat formula. She began to put them up in larger jars rather than make them each time someone asked." Soon the couple decided to package these teas in bags and offer them for sale at other stores. "I took the teas out to see if we could sell them, and sure enough they sold very quickly," says Sadler. Thus, Traditional Medicinals was born. "The company really took off and has continued to be successful ever since."

Now the company's CEO, Sadler attributes Traditional Medicinals' success to one key factor—the teas' effectiveness. "In order for consumers to have respect for the teas and to tell their friends about them, they have to work. Not all herbal medicines have an immediate effect. But if you have a sore throat and you drink Throat Coat, for example, you definitely experience it working immediately."

The people at Traditional Medicinals go out of their way to test the quality of their products. Each herb is checked for active ingredients, pesticide and herbicide residues, and microbiological activity. In addition, the teas are tested throughout the manufacturing process, right up to the finished product. In fact, the company complies with the FDA's Food and Drug Good Manufacturing Practices.

"We want to make sure that, each step of the way, there have been no mistakes made and that every box of tea that goes out of here is exactly the way it's supposed to be," says Sadler. "When we deliver a box of Smooth Move, for example, we assure the consumer that each cup delivers a safe and effective dose of the active ingredients."

"The mission of the company has remained the same since the beginning, which is to provide the highest quality herbal self care for health-conscious consumers who are looking for alternatives," says Sadler. "We are also a socially responsible and environmentally conscious company. We nurture our employees, our community, and the environment, and we think the future looks bright for companies that operate with that kind of socially responsible mission. Companies that do good do well."

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