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Publix GreenWise Market Magazine
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Publix GreenWise Market Magazine- October 2008

True or False?

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Woman Sneezing

True or False? You can catch the flu only from someone who’s already sick.

FALSE. Most healthy adults can infect others beginning the day before symptoms show up, then remain contagious for about five more days. Since people can spread the flu virus before they know they’re sick, it’s important to take preventive steps throughout flu season. The best protection is an annual flu shot. It also helps to wash your hands frequently, keep your hands away from your face and stay away from those who are ill. Good health habits are helpful too, so eat a balanced diet, stay physically active, get plenty of sleep and control stress. Check with the pharmacy at your neighborhood Publix for a schedule of flu shots beginning October 1 or visit for the schedule.

True or False? Most breast cancer information on the Internet is accurate.

TRUE. A recent study (Cancer, March 2008) reviewed 343 web pages that discussed breast cancer. Only about 5% contained false or misleading statements. Unfortunately, misinformation was nearly 16 times more common on pages that discussed complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). If you’re a woman interested in exploring CAM options for breast cancer, be extra-cautious about where you turn online. Always consider the reputation of the source, just as you would off-line. And talk about what you find with your doctor.

LEARN MORE: Visit the American Cancer Society ( or National Cancer Institute ( and enter “complementary and alternative” in the search box.

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