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Publix GreenWise Market Magazine
Publix GreenWise Market

Publix GreenWise Market Magazine- September 2008

How Green Is Your Kitchen?

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Your kitchen may be the hub of family activity, but it’s also the intersection of consumption and waste. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the fridge alone accounts for 8 percent of a home’s energy use. Add other appliances, water usage and packaging waste, and the opportunities for going green increase exponentially. Test your eco-knowledge and learn how to turn your kitchen into the environmental heart of your home.

1  Which uses the least amount of energy?

    a. Oven
    b. Toaster oven
    c. Microwave

2  Which pan cooks food faster in the oven?

    a. Glass
    b. Metal

3  Which dishwashing method uses less water?

    a. Hand-washing  
    b. Dishwasher

4  Which refrigerator is more energy efficient?

    a. Side-by-side  
    b. Top-to-bottom

5  Which of the following is not compostable?

    a. Banana peel
    b. Hamburger grease
    c. Tea bag
    d. Paper towel roll
6  Which stove is more energy-efficient?

    a. Gas 
    b. Electric

7  Which form of carrots has the smallest overall environmental impact?

    a. Fresh  
    b. Frozen 
    c. Canned

8  Which packaging can be recycled indefinitely without wearing out?
    a. Glass 
    b. Plastic  
    c. Aluminum

9  Which recycled packaging uses less than 5 percent of the energy  
    used  to make the original product?

    a. Paper 
    b. Plastic  
    c. Aluminum
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