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Publix GreenWise Magazine
Publix GreenWise Market Magazine
Publix GreenWise Market

Publix GreenWise Market Magazine - August 2008

Prime Time for Produce
To everything there is a season, and this one's ripe with fruits and vegetables.

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Produce Basket

Ah, sweet anticipation! Only one thing’s better, and that’s the arrival of what you’ve been craving all summer—succulent berries, sweet corn, grapes, green beans, juicy peaches, sweet peppers, plums and ruby-red tomatoes. Many organic and conventional produce items are at their peak right now, and they’re boasting their freshest flavors, crispest textures and most vibrant colors.

The federal government’s Dietary Guidelines for Americans suggest reaching for anywhere from five to 13 servings of fruits and vegetables a day, depending on your overall calorie needs. So grab that juicy bunch of grapes or crunchy ear of corn. “At the height of the season, fruits and vegetables are at their prime and very affordable,” says Dallas-based dietitian Robin Plotkin, R.D. “Take advantage.”

On the next few pages we’ll show you how to harvest the taste of late-summer finds right now in delicious recipes. We’ll also share the secrets of stretching peak season throughout the year by freezing your favorite finds from the produce aisle.

Your neighborhood Publix carries a wide selection of organic ingredients, including those shown with an asterisk (*) in the recipes that follow.
Tomato Bruschetta Pizza
Vegetable-Trio Salad
Cornmeal Crusted Pork
Berry Smoothies
Honey Lime Chicken Salad
Ripe and Ready
For the ultimate all natural snack food, pick up a juicy King O' the West "At Season's Peak" Honeydew from your neighborhood Publix. Vine ripened, hand harvested and incredibly sweet, it's a refreshing treat. You'll also find plenty of other melon varieties, including Crenshaw, Canary, Galia and Orange Flesh. All have been carefully selected for just-ready ripeness.

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