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Publix GreenWise Market Magazine
Publix GreenWise Market Magazine
Publix GreenWise Market

Publix GreenWise Market Magazine - June 2008

Tea With a Twist

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Tea With a Twist
If you're a purist, by all means enjoy your iced tea with nothing more than ice cubes and a spoonful of sugar. But if you like more sass in your glass, flavor tea with a little fruit, juice or herbs. Fresh mint and lemon are naturals with green, black or herbal tea. Drop a few mint leaves into a glass and bruise them with a teaspoon to release their flavor. Then add ice, cold tea and a squeeze of fresh lemon.

For more pucker try a classic Arnold Palmer. This thirst-quenching blend of equal parts iced tea and lemonade always refreshes, whether you're coming off the greens or relaxing in the backyard.

Iced tea can get dressed up for a party too. In his book Iced Tea (Harvard Common Press, 2002), author Fred Thompson suggests mixing a puree made from ripe strawberries with tea, frozen limeade and sparkling water to create a pretty beverage that's perfect for a graduation bash or bridal shower.
Fun Food Fact
Ever wanted to know how the watermelon got its name? (It's 92% water.) Or how licorice was used by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans? (As a cough and cold medicine.) For a food trivia feast, visit The website answers these and many other off-the-wall questions.

Cabbage 101
Just in time for coleslaw season, here's a quick guide to versatile, nutrition-packed cabbage. Take a quick look at the different types of this cruciferous vegetable you'll find at your neighborhood Publix—what they look like, how they taste and flavorful ways to enjoy them.

Variety Appearance Flavor Cooking
Green or Red Round compact head of thick, smooth green or purplish-red leaves. Fresh, these varieties have an earthy flavor and crunchy mouth feel. Cooked, they're mild and blend well with other flavors. Great in salads, adding texture when mixed with summer greens. Also terrific solo in coleslaw. In fermented form, sauerkraut makes grilled hot dogs even better.
Napa Elongated shape; resembles a head of light-colored romaine lettuce. More delicate in texture and flavor than its stronger, sturdier cousins. Perfect for stir-fries and soups or as the base of a salad. Mix with red and green cabbage or use alone to make great coleslaw. Also excellent as a wrapper in cabbage rolls.
Savoy Crinkly, deep-green leaves that form a loose, round head. Milder than green or red cabbage, with a buttery texture. The most delicious cabbage to enjoy steamed or boiled, and holds its own in slaw.
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