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Publix GreenWise Market Magazine
Publix GreenWise Market

Publix GreenWise Market Magazine - October 2007

Naturally Scary Halloween Celebrations

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Halloween CelebrationsThese earth-friendly decorations and heart-healthy treats will have everyone howling with delight.

Boo! Goblins and ghouls are getting ready for a fun and frightening Halloween. This year, consider adding some "green" to the traditional black and orange decor with earth-friendly materials that won't clog the landfill. Then round out your party with healthy treats. We've got a bushelful of wicked suggestions that will inspire you to enjoy the festivities while taking care of both the environment and your family's well-being.

Create a haunting effect with these natural and budget-wise ideas:

  • Make luminaries. Give an eerie glow with the shadows cast by soy or beeswax candles. Simply insert them in clean, empty cans. Punch holes in the cans with a hammer and nail to create random patterns. Don't forget to recycle the cans.
  • Create even more shadowy scenes on windows, walls, stairs, and doors with bats, vampires, and pointy witch hats made of recycled black construction paper.
  • Craft spiderwebs from leftover scraps of white yarn and drape them over plants, furniture, and doorways.
  • Make a scarecrow by stuffing an old pair of pants and a shirt with bunches of straw or fallen leaves.
  • Get a ghostly effect by hanging bedsheets from the ceiling or over tree branches.
  • Carve pumpkins and squashes with ghoulish or funny faces. Roast the seeds to eat and compost the decorations afterwards.
  • Build a centerpiece from fallen tree branches, autumn leaves, and other natural finds.
It's easy to go overboard with sugary treats. Instead, try some of these naturally delicious options:
  • Offer plenty of organic apples, pears, and other fruits for munching. Serve with caramel sauce for dipping.
  • Make supernatural cookies with Halloween cutouts or roll sugar cookie dough into long, bony fingers with sliced almonds for fingernails. Enhance the nutrition in your favorite cookie recipe by using part whole wheat pastry flour and part unbleached white flour. Decorate with naturally flavored candies, dried fruits, nuts, and seeds.
  • Mix Publix GreenWise Market Organic Apple, Cranberry, or Grape Juice with ginger ale for tasty Halloween spritzers.
  • Create your own Broken Bones Snack Mix by tossing together salt-free pretzels, sesame seeds, dried cranberries or other dried fruits, and whole grain cereal squares.
  • Add seedless green grapes to flavored gelatin before it sets. (Save this creepy eyeball effect for older kids; whole grapes can present a choking hazard for young children.)
  • Put out bowls of dried apple chips, nuts, and organic trail mix.
It's easy to please the goblins at your door without loading them up on refined sugars and fats. Consider these options:
  • Hand out Newman's Own Natural 100 Calorie Mini Bags of popcorn.
  • Give neighborhood children 100-calorie snack packs of Barbara's Bakery Organic Mini Cookies.
  • Offer organic granola bars, boxes of organic 100 percent juice, mini boxes of organic raisins, or dried fruit leathers.
  • Skip food treats altogether and hand out fun stuff such as stickers or decorative pencils and erasers.
With all these haunting ideas for Halloween decorations and treats, you'll have no reason to scream.
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