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The Right Foods for You
Nutrition Information
The Right Foods for You

To help our customers eat right, we've developed helpful information and shopping lists of foods that meet particular dietary needs. Just click the links below to see how easy it can be to shop the way you should.

Gluten Free (489 KB)
Low Sodium (154 KB)
Low Fat (255 KB)
100 Calories (250 KB)
Four Grams of Sugar (274 KB)
Kosher Products (163 KB)
Casein Free (89 KB)

Adobe PDF Reader is required to view and print these lists.

Disclaimer: Shopping lists were compiled from products that are available in Publix Super Market stores. These products may not be available in Publix GreenWise Market® or Publix Sabor® stores. Because the products listed were evaluated using manufacturer-provided nutritional information, and product formulations can change at any time, Publix cannot guarantee the accuracy of the nutrition information provided. Customers are encouraged to read the product labels to obtain the most accurate nutrition information. The information provided is intended to be nutrition and dietary guidance only and not medical advice.

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Searching for healthy foods but puzzled by the package descriptions? Our Natural Foods Glossary explains the terms found on product labels.