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Nutrition Information
Nutrition Information

Nutrition has never been so easy.

Whether you have specific dietary needs or just want to eat more wholesome foods, we can help. Count on us for lots of information about nutrition, as well as ideas on how to improve your overall diet, choose better foods, and just live a little more healthfully in general. From the Better Choice shelf tags we've placed on items throughout our stores to the special shopping lists we've created to information on how to read nutrition labels, we've made it easy for you to find the resources you need to live well and reach your health and nutrition goals.

Natural and Organic Shelf TagsNatural and Organic Shelf Tags

Publix has made it easy to spot products that are USDA certified organic, made with organic ingredients, or all-natural. Our special brown shelf tags have icons on them to tell you what's what. You can view an easy-to-read chart that explains exactly how to find the kinds of items you're looking for when you shop at your neighborhood Publix. Our brown tags will help you storewide—in our Produce and Meat departments, as well as on dairy, grocery, and even household products. So take a look at the chart and see how easy it is to find the kinds of products you want on your next shopping trip.

Better Choice Shelf Tags Better Choice Shelf Tags

The next time you're zipping through the grocery aisles, keep an eye out for our green Better Choice shelf tags. You'll spot them right below products' price tags, on everything from cereal to frozen food to snacks. With the help of nutrition experts, we've compared similar products and found the ones that meet certain nutritional criteria, in terms of salt, sugar, fiber, fat, and so on. So at a glance, you can find the better choices and understand why they're better.

The Right Foods For YouThe Right Foods For You

When you're looking to live a healthier lifestyle, there's a lot to consider: like your diet, for instance. Even though you may already know that you should eat wholesome and nutritious foods, how do you know which ones are best? And what if you don't have time to learn which products you should select? Rest easy: We've done a lot of the work for you. Just take a look at the shopping lists we've created. Each one focuses on a specific dietary topic and lists items that have been evaluated on a per-serving basis. That way, you can simplify your shopping by quickly choosing the foods that are right for you.

How to Read a LabelHow to Read a Label

Even with so many products available, it's simple to make well-informed food choices for you and your family. Just take a quick look at products' nutrition information labels (posted on almost every packaged good). Each label will give you the facts about its particular product, so you can choose foods that best fit your healthy lifestyle. To make it even easier on you, we've provided an example of a nutrition information label and have highlighted and defined some important things to look for. Just take this helpful key with you the next time you go shopping and use it as a guide when comparing products.

Publix Bakery Nutrition LabelsPublix Bakery Nutrition Labels

Some products made fresh in your Publix Bakery are not required to have a nutrition label on the package. But you still want to know the facts about them. So we're making the labels available to you. Just complete a couple of fields on the next page and you'll see the USDA nutrition label for the product you specify. It's that easy.

Publix Bottled Water

Now you can know the details about the bottled water you've purchased. Find out where Publix bottled water comes from and how it's processed. So you can be hydrated and in the know.

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Searching for healthy foods but puzzled by the package descriptions? Our Natural Foods Glossary explains the terms found on product labels.