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Here are answers to frequently asked questions.

Q: Do all Publix locations have a Presto! ATM?
A: Yes, all of our locations have at least one Presto! ATM available to serve our customers.

Q: How can my financial institution become a Presto! member?
A: You may contact, or refer your financial institution to contact, the Presto! Network at (863) 688-1188, extension 35103 or extension 35160.  It will be our pleasure to assist you through the process.

Q: Does the Presto! ATM charge any fees?
A: Presto! members are not charged ATM usage fees for using the Presto! ATM. Some of the highest volume Presto! members are:

  • Fifth Third Bank
  • Publix Employees Federal Credit Union
  • South Florida Educational Credit Union
  • Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union
  • SunTrust - Georgia
  • Tropical Financial Credit Union
You may also check our Network Members list to see if your financial institution is one of the more than 1,500 members.

Customers of financial institutions that are not a part of the Presto! Network will be charged a $2.50 usage fee.

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