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It's all about convenience!

For over seventy-five years, the Publix philosophy has been to give first class customer service to ensure that each shopping trip is truly a pleasure.  Presto! was created from that philosophy to serve Publix customers and customers of all financial institutions with the finest of EFT services.

It's all about making shopping easier too!

The Presto! Point of Sale (POS) keypad located at every Publix checkout register allows you to make purchases with your debit, credit, Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cash or EBT Food Stamps card.

Whether you're buying groceries or just need to make a quick transaction, banking is as close as your nearest Publix. If you'd like to find out which Publix location is most convenient to you, please use our store locator.

List of Presto! Network Members
Check here to see if your financial institution is a member of the Publix Presto! Network.

Presto! Q&A
Here you can find answers to some frequently asked questions regarding recent changes to Presto!.