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Having trouble finding the store you are looking for? Below are helpful tips for using our search features, as we offer several options for finding the right store. If you are still having issues, please feel free to contact us and we'll do what we can to help out.

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The Store Locator page gives you four different ways to search for a Publix location:

1 Search by address information and (optional) store features

1 Enter search criteria here. Use city and/or state, zip code, street address, or store number. Be sure to enter something in this area.
1 Limit your search to stores which contain certain features by checking those features here (example: Publix Pharmacy). Only stores which have the checked features will show up in search results.
1 When all search criteria are entered, click [Find Store] to show results.
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2 Search for stores which are close to popular destinations

Click on a popular destination name to show stores which are near the destination.
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3 Search for all locations of a particular kind of store or special service

Click on a type of store or special service to show all of its locations.
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3 Search via map

Click on a state to narrow your search to that state only. Then either enter search terms to find matching locations within that state, or click on a region of the map to view store locations within that region.

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