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Wild-Caught Domestic Fish

domestic wild caught fish

What a Catch

Fresh from the waters of the USA: delicious, wild-caught fish.

Look what we have here.

Right now, your neighborhood Publix has several delicious varieties of domestic wild-caught fish that we’d like to tell you about — and that we know you’ll love. All of them are fresh and never frozen — just like the rest of the finfish in our seafood case.

About Halibut

  • Halibut has a mild, sweet taste and firm texture.
  • Because it's very lean, it cooks quickly — be careful not to overcook.
  • Try baking, broiling, grilling, poaching, sautéing, or steaming it.
  • It pairs nicely with pinot grigio or sauvignon blanc.

halibutGrilled Sesame Halibut
You only need 15 minutes and a handful of kitchen pantry ingredients to get this recipe favorite on the table.


About Tuna

  • Tuna has a moderate to mild meaty flavor. It’s very firm and moist.
  • Grilling is the best way to prepare tuna. It can also be baked, broiled, sautéed, or smoked. Little seasoning is needed—just use your favorite steak seasoning or marinade.
  • A nice marinade before grilling: chardonnay and brown sugar. (Marinate for one or two hours.)
  • Pair with a rosé or chardonnay.

tunaGrilled Tuna and Farro-Kale Salad
Grilled tuna, kale, and farro over a lemon vinaigrette dressing make this salad a tasty twist on your usual lunch.


About Keta Salmon

  • Because it has less oil than other Pacific wild salmon, keta tastes relatively mild. It’s the meatiest and firmest of the wild salmon species.
  • Its pinkish-orange flesh is paler than sockeye, coho, or chinook.
  • It's best to bake, poach, or sauté keta—use recipes that help it retain moisture.
  • Try it with a dry riesling or chardonnay.

keta salmonSouthwest Keta Salmon
Salsa and taco seasoning star in this easy salmon dinner. Delicious grilled or baked, and ready in 15 minutes!


About Coho Salmon

  • Found in the North Pacific, coho has a moderate flavor compared to fish in general; but for salmon, its taste is mild.
  • It has reddish-orange flesh. Though it’s somewhat soft when raw due to its high oil content, it gets firm when cooked.
  • Coho is versatile, an ideal choice for grilling or smoking.
  • It pairs nicely with pinot noir or merlot.

Though these four fish varieties will be available for a limited time, Publix offers many other types of fresh wild and farmed fish that we'll be happy to order and have for you within 48 hours. Learn more about our Fish List here.