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Operations And Maintenance
What is Operations & Maintenance

The Real Estate Property Management Team is dedicated to ensuring Publix stores are maintained in premier shopping centers. With over 1,000 stores in six states, the ten Publix property managers work with landlords, as well as our Facilities Department, to ensure our locations are in excellent condition. Publix strives to achieve an exceptional appearance of all shopping centers, so customers can experience what they have come to expect from Publix. In essence, the goal of the Property Management Team is to not only meet our customers' expectations, but to surpass them.

Sarah Taft
(863) 499-8533
Roberta Guity
(863) 413-8105
Kacie Bryant
(863) 499-8574
Sara Fisher
(863) 413-8137
Beth Monroe
(863) 616-5790
Christine McConnell
(863) 499-5479
Heather Corley
(863) 413-8182
Robyn Marino
(863) 499-8576
Crystal Buchanan
(863) 499-8472
Dalton Locke
(863) 616-5686

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