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Six Fun Ideas to Dress Up Your Wine Bottle Gift

gift ideas

Spread the love to your friends and family this holiday season with our festive DIY bottle-wrapping ideas.

1. Craft Bottle

Materials: scrapbooking paper, scissors, washi tape or other colorful tape, alphabet or other stickers.

Get crafty with a custom bottle cuff. First, choose two or three sheets of colored and/or patterned paper to layer around the wine bottle. Cut to fit. Tape the paper in place using washi tape. Finish by writing a holiday greeting onto the paper using alphabet stickers or stickers with festive statements.

2. Tea Towel Wrap

tea towel wrapMaterials: one tea towel, twine or alternative cording (about 15 inches), name tag or hanging card.

Use a simple tea towel to add a homespun look to your wine gift. Fold the towel lengthwise, then wrap it around the bottle. While holding the towel in place, secure it with twine or alternative cording. Loop name tag or hanging card through the twine or cording, then finish with a knot.

3. Sweater Sleeve

Materials: old sweater, scissors, fabric glue, festive ribbon (about 15 inches).

Give your wine bottle its own "ugly Christmas sweater" with this festive take on a wine cozy. First, measure the wine bottle's height against the sleeve of an old sweater. Cut the sleeve from the sweater, allowing approximately two inches more material than needed to cover the bottle. Slide sleeve onto bottle, and, carefully turning the bottle upside down, fold any extra material against the bottom of the bottle and secure with fabric glue. For a finishing touch, tie a ribbon around the neck of the bottle in a bow.

4. Santa Bottle

Materials: 6-inch x 4-inch piece of felt for Santa's hat (any color), four inches pipe cleaner (any color), four wooden buttons, hot glue gun or fabric glue, clear tape, 5.5-inch x 10.5-inch piece of felt for Santa's coat (any color), two 10.5-inch-long pieces of ribbon, 3-inch x 4-inch piece of quilt batting (white) for Santa's beard.

Turn your bottle into St. Nick himself, with a felt hat and coat, a quilt batting beard, and a button nose.

1. Start with a piece of felt for Santa's hat. Measure the felt lengthwise around the neck of the wine bottle. Cut a triangle out of the felt, making sure the bottom of the triangle will wrap entirely around the bottle's neck. Glue a pipe cleaner piece along one of the triangle's vertical edges—this will help shape the hat later on.

2. Cut a beard shape out of the quilt batting, then secure Santa's beard around the bottom of the wine bottle's neck with tape.

3. To secure the hat to the bottle, wrap the felt triangle around the bottle's neck so that the bottom of the "hat" is flush with the top of Santa's beard. About half of the "hat" should extend above the bottle.

4. Glue the triangle's edges together so the seam is out of sight on the back of the bottle. When the glue has dried, twist the top portion of the hat into a slightly rumpled shape using the pipe cleaner.

5. Glue a wooden button in the middle of the beard just under the hat line for Santa's nose.

5. Poinsettia

Materials: Poinsettia Leaf downloadable template, red tissue paper, scissors, clear tape, approximately 1/2 yard of green patterned fabric, rubber band, green wired burlap ribbon.

1. Download the Poinsettia Leaf printable template. Print on paper or cardstock.

2. Begin with 14 to 15 sheets of tissue paper, stacked atop one another and folded in half (in many cases, tissue paper will be positioned this way in its original packaging).

3. Using the template, cut a small semicircle into the folded edge with just enough space to allow the neck of the bottle to fit through the center of the tissue paper. Transform the tissue paper into petal shapes by cutting a rounded triangle. Unfold the tissue paper to reveal the petals. Slide all of these onto the neck of the bottle, rotating each slightly in order to have petals pointing out in every direction from the bottle.

4. Beginning with the top petals, slide petal sheet to the top of the bottle and tape each petal at its base so that it stands up and flows outward like a natural petal. Repeat with all petal sheets.

5. For the stem: Place wine bottle in center of the 1/2 yard of green patterned fabric. Bring fabric up on all sides of the bottle and slide a rubber band over the fabric to the neck where the petals end. Cut away any extra fabric.

6. Using the burlap ribbon, tie a bow where the fabric, rubber band, tape, and petals meet.

6. Chocolate Holder Hang Tag

hang tagMaterials: Chocolate Holder downloadable template, construction paper or cardstock, craft knife, ruler, pair of scissors, tape or rubber cement, festive ribbon, two chocolate bars, 2-inch circle paper cutter.

1. Download the Chocolate Holder printable template. Print the template on your choice of colored cardstock.

2. Using a craft knife and ruler, cut along the solid lines of the template.

3. Carefully score the paper along the dotted lines with the craft knife by lightly pressing into the paper, but not fully cutting through.

4. Fold the scored dotted lines and adhere the flaps to the backs of the chocolate bar hanger to create the space to place the chocolates.

5. Use the 2-inch circle paper cutter to cut the holes for the neck of the bottle to go through. Tape or glue the two sides together so the paper is strong enough to hold the chocolate pieces.

6. Insert two chocolate bars into the folded pocket.

7. Glue your choice of our printable statements, or create your own.

8. Add ribbon tied in a bow for a decorative touch.

gift ideas