Product Description

6 inches x 10 inches. Instant cold packs. No refrigeration need. For single use only. Ideal for: sore muscles, aching joints, sprains, and strains, and insect bites. Store pack in first aid kid, car, boat, gym bag, backpack or training room. Always wrap pack with a light towel or cloth before applying to skin. Made in China.


See your physician if pain and swelling persists. Failure to follow instructions or warnings could result in serious injuries such as frostbite. Remove cold pack if skin feels too cold or if you feel uncomfortable. Extreme cold can cause frostbite or burns. Use with towel or other insulating material. Do not use for more than 10-15 minutes in the same location. Keep out of reach of children. Supervise children when the pack is used on them. Unless prescribed by a physician, cold therapy should not be used by individuals with circulatory problems. If solution contacts eyes, skin, or open wounds, flush liberally with water. If solution is swallowed give one or two glasses of milk or water and contact poison control immediately. For external use only.